Quake Analysis (SeismoSignal Analysis).

Quake Analysis is a Matlab Runtime Application.
Compatible on Unix & Windows O.S.

Hypocenter Solution using HypoInverse 1.4 .

June 2016 Updates...

Compatible with RefTek - MSeed - SAC - DAT & MAT
Automatic Event Detection with
Magnitude Threshold 0ML
Automatic P & S phases arrival.
Akaike information criterion Video
Wavelet transformation Module.
mseed2sac_QA & sac2mseed_QA Module.
Frequency domain Module.
Arrival time Interpolation as a function of distance.
Display current Station & epicenter variation
Mode of hypo.inp hypo.out
Automatic database update of new stations
Automatic update of local velocity model

Current files per HypoInv execution:
Windows Edition: Quake Analysis v2.104
286 Matlab Functions
1 bat file
2 exe files

Linux Edition: 286 Matlab Functions
4 Shell Scripts files

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